Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The Pirate And The Puritan by Mary Clayton
Historical Romance, heat level Sweet

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1704 - Dangerous times, when the British colonies in the America's are threatened by Queen Anne's War. It is not the French but a pirate who captures Mercy Penhall, mute Puritan spinster. Fearing for her life and virtue yet drawn to the captain in spite of herself, Mercy unknowingly sets foot on a path of adventure and heartbreak that will test her courage to the limit. And in the end the secret she carries in her soul threatens to prevent even the small chance of happiness inherent in an impossible love.

Edmund Gramercy is an unwilling pirate, forced to join a hostile crew to save his life. He defies them to spare the captives and the women, but the silent Puritan tempts him like no other.

Can the impossible become possible for the pirate and the Puritan?

Reviews: Jody Allen: excerpt: "A heroine who can't speak and a pirate with a heart..."

Laura Miller: excerpt: "She is intrigued by his protection of her... He is drawn to her innocence and strength..."

Drebbles, Amazon Top 500 reviewer, excerpt: "...a sweet gentle romance... a rip-roaring adventure..."

Kym McNabney "Writing From The Soul", excerpt: "The story kept me on the edge of my seat, eager to find out what happened next."

Donna K. "bookcrosser", excerpt: "Instead of sexually tense bickering, these characters interact with kindness and respect." (reviewed by Steph), excerpt: Edmund and Mercy give hope to readers that love can overcome anything."

Christy Tillery French "reviewer/writer", excerpt: "An enthralling love story, moving from the high seas to colonial America."

Lesley West, Amazon Top 1000 reviewer, excerpt: "Edmund and Mercy are both damaged by life but are strong and sympathetic nonetheless."

Marion Marchetto, excerpt: "A story of depth and intelligence... A Puritan heroine instead of an English lass of the privileged class."

Beverly Romance Books "Beverly", excerpt: "Without one sexually explicit scene the author has sensuality ooze from the page."

Jackie B, excerpt: "Once I was hooked, I didn't want to put it down."

Monday, March 1, 2010


Blueprint For Love, Sexy Contemporary, set on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

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Property developer Paul McIvor wants to uproot the Palm Garden, a Coast landmark, to build a luxury hotel on the site. Cathy Brown, president of the local environment committee, wants the garden to remain standing. They are on opposite sides of the argument, and their personalities clash. Yet they are passionately attracted to each other.

Cathy, too accustomed to men who want her for her stunning looks, believes the attraction is only physical. Paul, embittered by a divorce, believes it is merely physical. But it just won't go away!

The fight for the Palm Garden throws them together and rips them apart. It seems impossible for them to enjoy a lasting relationship. Yet maybe the plans for the hotel will somehow serve as perfect blueprint for love.