Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hooray, my new romance is released tomorrow (at least it'll be tomorrow in Australia) the 20th September, from Muse It Up Publishing.
       Set in Quensland, Australia, at a coastal resort, no less, which hopefully means it will be a pleasant escape for northern hemisphere readers who are saying goodbye to their summer.
       The title is a description of the hero and heroine, Jason and Lisa. Two people couldn't be more different. He's a ruthless businessman, she's a gentle, plain working girl who happens to be president of the local environment committee. So naturally she wonders why he constantly seeks her company. Is he trying to get her on side for his latest real estate development?
       Jason is a man with secrets, Lisa is a girl who knows she isn't attractive. Their lives and characters would seem to be incompatible. See how they find their happy ending! Buy links below:

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