Wednesday, November 10, 2010


You'll also see this photo of my untidy desk on on Friday the 12 th November. Sorry, Paula, didn't intend to steal a march on you, but I can't work out how to delete the thing now!

Scary, isn't it? Messy, yes indeed. I've slowed down, but I'm still collecting books. (Don't take any notice of the year date on the photos, my old digital camera absolutely insists it's 2001, not 2010. And I haven't won the argument with it yet.)

But the great thing is, I have a room to put them in! When we built this house we'd been married more than forty years, the kids were gone and had kids of their own, and in the modest three-bedroom home plan this was supposed to be the second bedroom. Well, hubby has a shed! And in it, among other other things, he makes clocks, like the one on top of the free-standing bookcase on the left. At least it has glass doors, and looks even messier because I've also stored framed photos in it, of our four kids (three boys, one girl). One each of them as babies one year old, and one each of their weddings. And they're in there so they don't get dusty!

I've actually blogged about my work area at
On Sunday September 12th, and titled it MY WRITING SPACE - QUICK, FIND THE DUSTER!
But I'd stuck these photos in the wrong file and couldn't, being aged and techno-challenged, work out how to post them there. So aren't these a treat? Because those aren't my only bookcases. You'd think just the built-in one my husband covered one wall with would be enough!

The other free-standing bookcase, on the right, I bought from a second-hand shop years and years ago. It's full too, and you'll notice an overflow on the top! Above it is an old European print picture I bought from a flea market, very old-world library looking. The original oil of the roses, down beside it standing on the remains of my former (read, spare) computer, I bought from an opportunity (charity) shop only this year. It's obviously not a professional effort but it's very pretty and was obviously painted with love. I just had no more wall left to hang it on!

And no, those aren't all my books. There's an old toolbox dolled up with cushions in the spare (third!) bedroom full of more. There's a five shelf cupboard down in the shed groaning at the seams with paperbacks. And in the lounge room there's a two-shelf set of Encyclopaedia Brittanica... Um, and in the corner beside my husband's chair we have HIS books - on a set of shelves made of bricks and planks painted white... All about interesting things like cars, sports, science, humour, woodworking and so on. Poor man.

By now you'll be thinking, this woman is a compulsive collector and reader! You'll be right about the collector part, but I actually get to read much less than I used to. Being slow on my feet means I'm slow getting from one end of the day to the other, and whatever time is left is spent on the computer. Writing, and checking my emails, and writer stuff on the Internet. And oh, all right, playing Solitaire sometimes. Just sometimes...