Thursday, January 29, 2009


Drawing by granddaughter Kathy when she was younger! Nothing to do with the post, of course.

Quotes from REVIEW of Blueprint For Love by Monya Clayton, from Drebbles, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer -

"Two believable and likeable characters... chemistry evident from the beginning... Fire and ice together... drawn together yet afraid they clash... Sexual tension never gets in the way of the plot... Heart-breaking moments toward the end that kept me turning the pages to see what happened..."

Bless your heart, Drebbles. And like all my favourite reviews, HONEST. I'd rather the true reactions of readers than flattery.

P.S. I said in previous post that pictured granddaughter was No. 3 of 7. Whoops, she's no.4, and Kathy is No. 5. Six grandsons too. I'm feeling old... But I still write good romances, it seems!

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