Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Didn't work again!

Might as well get in some promo! This appeared in a local newspaper when The Pirate And The Puritan was first released. If I recall correctly (darned if I can read it) the journalist made a few unintentional mistakes in the story. Lovely girl, but why aren't they taught shorthand any more?

As for the first chapter fiasco - well, I'll just have to ask my I.T. professional son how to do it right! WHEN he gets some time off from his current University course.

IN THE MEANTIME - I've joined a new group, Classic Romance Revival. We're all about concentrating on story more than erotica - all the while recognising that people are entitled to read what's to their taste. Sweet romance, and not too graphic love scenes, just happen to be to our members' tastes, and probably many other people's. Question: Should books be rated as movies are? Do read our Judah Raine's mission statement.


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