Friday, August 28, 2009


Laura Miller, of "Romance, Old School", has reviewed The Pirate And The Puritan. Here's a couple of excerpts. The complete review appears on the book page at Amazon.

"The Pirate And The Puritan is one of the best clean reads I've had the privilege to peruse this year."

"The heroine is Mercy Penhall, a young woman whose voice was lost. The hero is Edmund Gramercy, whose choice was piracy or death."

"The novel is very well written, well researched, and a beautiful romantic story. If you like action, adventure, sweet romance, and a history lesson that doesn't feel like homework, then this story is for you."

Thank you, Laura! We authors never tire of kind words about our work, and when the words are sincere and honest, they're appreciated even more.

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