Monday, December 14, 2009


Perhaps you detect a note of sarcasm. It is only for the publishing business in general. And the fact I'm not making reams of money is my own fault. I'm too decrepit (read, old and arthritic) to keep up with all the marketing and promoting authors are supposed to do these days. Therefore: I do not make a lot in royalties!

This outburst is brought on by the fact my seven-year old great-granddaughter Gabby has just sold a drawing for $100 (AUS.)

I am not jealous. I'm thrilled for her. This kid obviously has potential. And talent. And she's a sweetie and I love her very much.

Her mother, our eldest granddaughter Carla, who did this bit of fun art a few years ago, is also talented. It's inherited through my mother, her great-grandmother, who discovered at age 62 she was a naive artist. But I digress. Eldest granddaughter has 3 children, a partner, a home, a job and works at a wide range of creative activities as well. And she currently sells her paintings for about $20. So she has connections with the art world. And so Gabby's sale came about. A fellow creative type wanted a drawing by a child. Carla asked Gabby to do one. And Gabby was paid, and with her money she bought a $20 Tinker-bell costume and put the rest in the bank. Lo, she has begun to make her fortune. Drool.

I know it sounds catty. It's just that I'm overwhelmed. With all the work writers have to do, we end up, in this day and age, with small change. Hey, somebody, take note! Now, I'm not expecting life to be fair. It isn't. We all have to play with the cards in our hands. But it would be so nice to land an ace the first time they're dealt.

Okay, outburst over! I shall go back to work and grumble no more.

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Arch said...

I believe that writing is priceless.

Cher said...

Monya, I read your comments over at Romance University and I can relate. It's like knocking on a door that will never open. It's disheartening and ego flattening. Print publishing is a tough business to try to crack. I have had a few e-books published but made very little money on them. Now I'm targeting print only. And trying to interest an agent which is proving impossible. You have a great name. I love it. I can see it clearly on a book cover!


Monya Clayton said...

Hi Cher - thanks for your feedback. I actually sent a reply to your website address, but it was returned as Mail Undelivered. Is there any other way I can leave a message?

And thanks for the empathy, too!

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Hey Monya: Saw your comment on my blog about pirated books. The Pirate Next Door was translated into Russian legitimately (I have a copy of the hardback book--looks cool!) If they're selling the book itself, it's fine. If they're giving away a free download of the whole thing, then no! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :-)

Jennifer Ashley