Monday, December 10, 2012


(c)Nelma Ward This beautiful photograph, by my friend Nelma who is a member of our local Photographers Group, is a reminder to never put off doing things you're vaguely thinking of doing. You know - someday, or when I remember to take my camera, or the next time I'm there. The Morning Glory has sadly been considered a weed for some time, yet a more lovely flower hardly exists. This one twined about the tiny shed behind the post office. I always intended to take a picture of it. After all, I was at the post office at least once a week. Yet I always forgot to take my camera. And then the post office was given a coat of new paint. Including on the outbuildings. The next time I went there, the painter had torn down the morning glory to spruce up the little shed with his brush. If Nelma hadn't possessed the artistic forethought to snap this lovely image, I'd have nothing but a memory of the morning glory. Stop and smell the flowers, they say. But we're all too hurried, too busy - in my case too slow - for anything but the necessities of everyday life. I once had a chance to buy a work of art, of a type which we'll never see now outside of private collections and museums. Once upon a time wrist and pocket watches were not digital, they had moving parts. And a few talented folk bought up old watches, cheap, pulled them apart and patiently rebuilt them into framed pictures of - cars. The one I saw had been reduced to $35. (This was, I admit, twenty years ago.) I had the money ready in my purse. I didn't have the time, but fully intended to get down there, several suburbs away, as soon as possible. I didn't make it. When I did, the shop was closed, the stock gone. No clockwork sculptured car for me. And some time ago I saw the perfect Christmas gift for my son-in-law, a perpetual calendar of great sporting moments. It was in the gift section at the chemist's. Well, I'm at the chemist's about twice a week, I can pick it up any time. I finally remembered it a couple of weeks ago. It was gone. Obviously some savvy customer also decided it would make a perfect gift. Why on earth had I believed it would wait for me, that I was the only person interested? My ego must be way bigger than I thought, or my procrastination habit worse. Lesson for moi, buy things when you first see them, photograph them as soon as possible, and don't, don't procrastinate!

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