Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Here's my book, out of print for a while now and the electronic version available only on illegal pirate sites. But I note the other
The Pirate And The Puritan, by Cheryl Howe, originally published about 2002, has gone into a second edition.
    Of course, I should have checked the title on Google before I sent the story to the publisher (The Wild Rose Press). Never thought of it. And now I wonder... Is the OTHER Pirate & Puritan gaining a larger reputation from word-of-mouth/internet/email recommendations meant for my Pirate And Puritan? I haven't read Ms Howe's book so I cannot judge, it's just that nasty little thought worms its way into mind. In the circumstance that it's her book which pops up if one googles The Pirate And The Puritan!
     Doesn't matter now, of course, unless someone wants to buy the pdf from me, and I'm sure Amazon wouldn't like that. But they have it listed for near impossible prices, probably just because it is unavailable and no one's going to order it anyway!
    Ah, such a merry-go-round world.

By the way, if you read last post and noticed I didn't continue it after all, that's because I've been too busy driving hubby to medical appointments and hospitals etc., to have any energy left over for my blog. He's not too bad at present, due for some more treatments but holding his own like the tough old bird he is.

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