Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The second of my granddaughters to marry. Laura walking to her wedding to long time partner Troy, on the arm of her father, my - our - second son. In a beautiful setting by the river. A very happy occasion, not least for me because all thirteen grandchildren were present.
    Arthur died two months before, and Laura's maternal grandmother a month after him. I am her last remaining grandparent, and honorary grandparent to Troy.
    Laura's simple dress - she isn't one for fussy clothes - needed no embellishment. It was made from a length of 200 year old French lace, and since no dry cleaner would touch it, was treated for removal of the aged yellow colour, and ironed, and cleaned afterward, by a fabric expert at the Museum.
     I have had difficulty regaining my writing mojo after a harrowing three years of Arthur's illness, but at last, very slowly and using methods against all the rules, have begun on a modest romance which will probably never be published. But I must be able to say I tried.

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Wendy Murphy said...

Hi Mary,
The Pirate and the Puritan sounds like an interesting book I would like to read.
I searched it on the internet and the library and cannot find it under $178.00. Is there a real PDF download for it? Thank you, Wendy